Shutdown period roof replacement

On budget and on time!

Our client had a strict timeframe over the Christmas period of 2018 to achieve a complete re-roof of 1750m2. Removing asbestos and corroded materials, replacing it all with Colourbond Trimdeck and Wonderglass in only 9 days.
Here’s some of the stats! We supplied:
  • Materials, scaffolding, craneage, equipment and labour sufficient to achieve the tight deadlines.
  • Completed to compliance, accident & injury free.
  • Removed 1750m2 Super 6 Asbestos sheeting, 266 l/m corroded box gutter, 266 l/m glass wall sheets, 110 l/m corroded spouting & brackets.
  • Installing 1239 l/m of Colorbond Ice Clear Wonderglass skylight roof sheeting & 1053 l/m of matching Colorbond wall sheeting on a saw tooth roof.
  • Installing 266 l/m of Colorbond box gutter, brackets & gutter boards with 100 l/m of Colorbond spouting & brackets.
  • Installing Colorbond flashings, sumps, rain heads & roof hatches as required.

Kennedys in the Community

The FOTH Hudad Project

Allan Kennedy will lead a small group travelling to a remote region of the 3,200m high Hudad plateau in Ethiopia, where NGO Friends of The Hudad is working to improve conditions for an isolated community of 200 through education, clean water and sanitation. FOTH is building a school and Allan’s project is to create an adjoining toilet block and help bring fresh water to the site. The community currently shares its water catchment with cattle, which impacts everyone’s health, especially children.