School Building – FOTH Hudad Projects

The Journey led by Allan Kennedy

All the concrete and mortar is mixed on site by hand. Water, sand, and cement are all hauled to the site by either donkeys or people.


Black stone for the foundations is hauled mostly by the school kids from nearby locations. White and pink stone for the walls is quarried from the ground nearby. Walls continue to rise as tons of material are transported, mixed, lifted, placed, and finished.


Brick by brick was the motto of the Aussie and Brummie led masonry team.
FOTH Projects Update - May 20184

A couple of weeks of really hard labor and the team works its way up to scaffolding, window, and finally full wall height.

Our “window” team came up with a really cool design to let lots of light into the school. They built the frames, purchased the shatter resistant plastic, and assembled them in the US. The design allowed for the windows to be dis-assembled for transport to the Hudad and re-assembled and installed there.

Roof trusses are built using locally harvested eucalyptus poles. Plywood used for strength at the joints was hauled up the mountain from Lalibela.

Roof trusses were heavy and took a lot of folks to place them up on top of the walls.

~20 simple 2-3 children metal and wooden desks were built at the industrial arts training school in Lalibela and hauled up to the School by community members.

FOTH Projects Update - May 20186