Water System - FOTH Hudad Projects

Prior water supply situation

Hauling water is Women’s work and in this case they are hauling the 20 liter jugs to the school construction site to produce concrete and mortar.

Currently most all of the families on the plateau obtain their water from “undeveloped” springs. These springs flow from the ground. Typically the water is dipped out with a small container and transferred to a “jerry” can. Animals can step in it and foul it with waste.


The biggest challenge on the water system for the last trip was finding all the leaks in the pipeline. We worked for about 4-5 days doing nothing but finding leaks, digging them up, and fixing them.

This is a accidental pick-axe puncture where the pipe was to shallow as it passed through a barley field that was hand plowed with a pick-axe.

Conrad found this poorly installed joiner in the pipeline that allowed the Eucalyptus roots to encroach while seeking water.


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